Alexandra Wenman

Angelic Alchemist & Awakener


I want to introduce you to my world. To me, the universe is filled with wonder and the world is a magical place – if you only know ‘how’ to look.

Ever since I was a tiny child, I have had the ability to see beyond this physical reality and experience other realms and dimensions of existence. I have learned that everything has consciousness – animals, insects, plants and even rocks. Your own house has a consciousness of its own.

From my perspective the entire universe is alive, and we are all like the cells, molecules, and atoms that make up that universe. As such, we are all connected and all part of the one whole. And the underlying energy or essence of this whole is pure unconditional love. We are built on love. And our bodies are made up of the same stuff as the very stars.

Because of my ability to see, feel, hear and experience existence beyond this 3D reality, I have a particular ability to communicate with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and celestial beings of light. These guides and angels can assist you on your own healing journey so that you can remember who you are, what your particular gifts are and how you are meant to be using them in this lifetime.

Service in the World

  • Archangel Alchemy
  • Awakening Coach
  • Sacred Channel