Barbara Wilder

Evolutionary Sacred Light Teacher & Healer


Barbara Wilder’s greatest passion is to bring Light into the dark corners of our hearts and minds to help shift human consciousness up into the vibration of universal Love.  She has been speaking to this purpose internationally for over twenty years. In her groundbreaking book, Money Is Love, considered one of the foundational works of the Sacred Economics movement, she showed us how to reconnect money to the Divine Feminine and transform it into an agent for personal and global prosperity. Her second book, Embracing Your Power Woman, enthusiastically endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Shirley MacLaine, Jean Houston, Caroline Myss, and many others, is a radical program that gives women in the second half of life the skills to recognize, embrace, and embody their Divine Feminine power, and step into leadership roles to co-create a new sustainable society in which we all will thrive. Her forthcoming book, Creating a Sacred Marketplace, is a bridge into the new Love-based Economy.  Her books, workshops, meditations, and coaching practice have helped thousands of people around the world realize their dreams. 

Service in the World

  • Author, "Money is Love" & "Embrace Your Power Woman"
  • Evolutionary Teacher
  • Energetic Empowerment