Camille Michaels

Divine Channel for Delphi Oraclular Frequency


Camille Michaels is known as a healer to healers and a teacher of teachers within the “those in the know” arena. She is a seasoned healer with a background as a psychological kinesiologist, emotional body specialist, certified NLP therapist, certified hypnotherapist, EFT master, life coach, ordained minister, and naturally gifted intuitive healer connected to the energetic consciousness of the Oracle of Delphi. She has worked with the Angels and other Ascended master energies to assist many souls who are ready to uplevel their lives for over 24 years. She combines scientific and natural techniques that work quickly and effectively to shift, transmute, and transform on all levels to bring people into full divine embodiment and empowerment.

Camille knew from a young age that she was here to assist others and move them in many positive directions in their lives. She has spent decades to not only understand the hidden mysteries of life and the subconscious mind but to become certified in several modalities that she combines intuitively to customize her work for each client or group she works with.

Camille also brings to the forefront her many gifts of intuitive insight as a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.


“I am on a special mission to assist many souls who are ready to uplevel their lives. I came in with full gifts of the spirit. ​​​​My mother knew at the age of 3 that I had special abilities because they were activating! I have full recall of the inner dimensions and I know what it takes to override density, how to clear traumas, dramas along with unwanted repeated limited repatterns. I am a powerful energy specialist on all levels. I am a seasoned spiritual teacher, oracle, receiver, a quantum energetic healer and can transmute, transcend at the cellular level, along with repattern any beliefs in the subconscious mind on all levels. Specializing in deep balancing and soul integration. I love my life and am honored that I get to hold this space for others on this journey! “


  • Channel of the Delphi Divine Frequency
  • Master Spiritual Healer
  • Soul Integration Facilitator