Lisa Sadowski

Founder, Life's Re-Mission


Lisa Sadowski has listened to the Divine guidance of Angels for as long as she can remember which has guided the trajectory of her lifelong Truth-seeking journey.  Lisa is known as a singer, speaker, self-empowerment activator and self-love integrator who specializes in helping women in RE-Mission get past their fear of recurrence and fully integrating sustainable inner peace.

Having thrived past 7+ years of chemotherapy and radiation due to a grave cancer diagnosis at the age of 4, Lisa naturally cuts straight to the Truth that most choose to ignore.  After 20 years of success in National Sales working for Fortune 100 companies, 24 years as the lead singer of one of the most highly sought-after cover bands in her region and performing in the Agape International Choir on stage with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Patti Labelle and others, Lisa discovered and committed to fulfilling a much deeper life purpose.  That purpose is to explore, define and align souls with their True mission, or RE-Mission so that their highest and best unfold with ease and grace.   The first mission was to survive.  Now it’s time to THRIVE.  Lisa’s unlikely career combination and intense medical history have given her the tools to deliver quantifiable results for those who would like to strengthen their inner strength and conquer life’s biggest challenges with grace.  Lisa serves as a conduit to help one remember to remember the soul’s true essence and answer the question, “What is the highest and best expression of my life and how can I be more of it?”.

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Service in the World

  • Self-Love Integrator
  • Remission Empowerment Coach
  • Speaker & Singer