Higher Dimensional Bridge to the New Earth


Open is a Higher Dimensional Bridge – which means he connects people with their True Self, helping them realign with the natural flow of the Universe and bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. He achieves this by resonating frequencies of beingness. Through the field, he helps people activate their soul’s resonance and process deep karmic blockages.

Open incarnated after a near death experience a soul exchange, or walk-in, drawn here from the higher densities at this time to assist in the complex shift of consciousness that is sweeping across the Earth. Open will be share with us his perspective on what we can do to best facilitate our highest alignment during these deeply transformative times on our planet. He works closely with a team of Ascended Masters within the benevolent mission, an integrated energy of which he calls “Openhand.”

Openhand’s 5D Shift Project

Openhand’s work has been carefully crafted to provide transformative alchemical processes to nagivate our inner world in the full revelation of our True, Cosmic Self. Through groundbreaking meditations and assisted self-realisation, the work takes you on the inner Journey of Ascension. Based on the experience of working with groups around the world, they’ve created a dynamic framework for that inquiry which they call The 5D Shift Project.  It’s a crucible of profound evolutionary change.



  • Higher Dimensional Bridge
  • Self-Realization Guide
  • 5D Energy Expert