Heather Grace & Jason Michael Powers



Jason Michael and Heather Grace Powers are “The Powers Of Love”. Ministers of Love, Music, Devotional Arts and Evolutionary Divine Union Relationships. Heather Grace and Jason Michael help thousands of people across the planet to remember who they are through the Power Of the ‘I AM’, and learn to Awaken to the Source of Love Within, which is the true solid foundation of all relationship to Life.

When they began their journey together several years ago, each were deeply to their individual Relationship with God and both sensed that Love through Sacred Partnership was calling them deeper into the Mystery of Spirit, that their unique Spiritual Path was rooted in Divine Partnership and was to be a big part of their Sacred Service to Life.

Both emerged from a fundamental Christian background, diving into a deeper Love for and embodiment of the Message of Jesus the Christ and His Beloved Mary Magdalene. Heather Grace and Jason Michael help guide people through the different stages of Spiritual Development and Self Discovery, particularly those who find themselves moving away from the dogma of Christianity into a more inclusive experience of Life and Spirit.

Heather and Jason Michael both are students of many Spiritual and Cultural traditions and Philosophies. They work with the Councils of Shamballa, The Ascended Master Octave, the Angelic, Galactic and Elemental Realms of Light to assist in the ushering in of the New Golden Age of Humanity.

Heather is a Mother, an award winning Singer/ Songwriter/ Divine Music Muse who has traveled all over the world touching people with healing Songs of the Soul, awakening hearts to the Power of their own Divinity. She has toured and performed with many Grammy winning Artists and currently working on her third Album.

Jason Michael is a devoted Father, a Licensed Healing Practioner, an Intuitive Music Designer, Voice Actor and World Class Events Alchemist. Jason Michael’s entertainment background includes Film, Radio and Theater Production as a Producer and an Actor.

“As Voices Of Divine Love, our mission is to help awaken, inspire, activate and elevate more Love on the planet by helping people connect to and embody the Source of Love as their own True Self and to experience deeply connected and thriving relationships with all Realms of Life through awakening Love and Unity.”

Service in the World

  • Divine Union Relationship Mentors
  • Self-Devotional Artists & Ministers
  • Evolutionists of the New Christ Consciousness