Sephirah Oracle Starsong

Earth Emissary and Quantum Mystic


Recognized as a leading expert on Mind-Body-Soul technology, energetics, universal laws, applied esoteric wisdom, peak performance,persuasion and influence.

A licensed minister certified in hypnosis, past life regression, Reiki (Master level), Access Consciousness, Theta healing, NLP and other assorted energetic modalities, Sephirah works tirelessly to develop training and educational opportunities designed to powerfully raise the skill level and professional status of Energetic Practitioners and those gifted in the subtle Spiritual sciences.

After a near death experience (NDE), Sephirah walked back in as a higher aspect of self, with full awareness of how to operate as a multidimensional being carrying through her Delphic gifts and skills as a master teacher.

Sephirah’s passion for Subtle Spiritual Sciences, NLP and Hypnosis and belief that these applied Subtle Sciences should be a LIFE SKILL has led her to pioneer new and innovative ways of teaching and training aspiring healers, people gifted in intuitive arts and subtle sciences to become more confident, competent, and effective in every aspect of their lives.

Service in the World

  • Earth Ascension Guide
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • Starseed and Light Lineage Guide