Stephanie Lodge

Angelic Light Stream


Stephanie Lodge is a licensed minister and practitioner of metaphysics who specializes in what she terms Angelic Physics, the divine communication of universal consciousness. She is an author, transformational speaker, conscious media producer and Angelic Light Stream, or channel of the 12 bandwidths living light most refer to as Archangels. She specializes in soul empowerment and energetic alchemy through her HALO Method – Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization (HALO) – where ancient light as Angelic Dream Keys or tones of vibrational intention realign or balance distortions at the Source frequency level. She is also a channel of the Magdalene Order and works with this consciousness to assist in the elevation of the Sovereign Feminine frequencies of faith and grace in the modern age. 

She began her journey of awakening through the activation of Archangel Mi-Ka-El (Michael) to ensure her body was capable of handling additional light frequencies. Today she refers to herself as a channel of living light, or a Light Stream, where she gives permission for the Angelic intelligence to utilize her entire body-mind-heart to heal, balance, activate, and refine those who she works with individually or in groups. She defines Angels as “Living Light”, instead of simply messengers, since this light has limitless potential in function, purpose and intention. Especially when it transforms into sound vibration and magnetic energy.

She hosts a podcast on spiritual empowerment called Angels in the Buff , with advice from the “angel angle” on countless topics, with the occasional special guest. Currently, Stephanie enjoys bringing her heart-centered teachings through her online platform, the Angelic Academy.  In addition, she’s often invited to hosted private gatherings and teaches classes and workshops both online globally and in person around Los Angeles. In her spare time, she brings her joy to the world as The Hug Angel, where she invites others to join her in creating Hug Mobs in a mission to stay in our hearts.

Service in the World

  • Angelic Light Stream / Channel of Living Light
  • Sovereign Light Alchemist
  • Harmonic Alignment Light Optimizer