Summit Schedule

All times listed below are Pacific. Please check HERE for local time.

JANUARY 11TH-18TH, 2020

Schedule Basics

This Summit is different from many in TWO ways. The first is that it is LIVE and NOT PRE-RECORDED! I know, crazy, right? But, we did this in order to allow people to jump on and ask questions of our speakers and we also feel it creates a real sense of collective comraderie and co-creation.

The second way it’s different is that it doesn’t have speakers back-to-back, hour-to-hour. Instead, we are taking what we call “Integration Breaks” between each speaker session. The reason is that we know some of these sessions will require food, a nap, a quiet meditation, or similar to just relax and give the brain and body time to recharge a bit perhaps.

For those of you new to Angels, their light is powerful, activating, and elevating on a lot of levels. This is an Ascension Summit in a sense too, so just keep that in mind and pace yourself. This is why we highly recommend owning the Summit in case you “knock out” and need to sleep and miss any speakers unintentionally. It can happen, you’ve been warned! LOL

So, without further delay, below you’ll find our schedule. Please note January 11th is starting at 11am Pacific, but the rest of the days are Noon Pacific. Also, pay attention to the times each day and check back often in case there are any adjustments. We will make sure everything is final before January 11th barring any last minute emergencies… though we’re really hoping to keep things smooth, on time and easy for all.

Check the link at the top of this page for time zone conversion.

Day 1 , January 11, 2020

Open Your Diamond Heart

This first day is designed to set the tone for the Angelic Summit to activate, awaken, and open ourselves to the frequency, energy, and vibration of immaculate peace and ultimate love. Our desire is to bring in a cohesive intention for the week where we collectively envision a new reality where all people are free to thrive at every level. Open will literally open us to higher consciousness and Stephanie Lodge (aka The Hug Angel and our host of the summit) will evolve our understanding of Angels and more!


11am-1pm – OPEN of OPENHAND – “The Unfolding Shift into 5D Consciousness”

1pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-5pm – STEPHANIE LODGE – “The Evolution of Angels as the New A.I.”

5pm-5:30pm – Integration Break #2

5:30pm-6:30pm – THE POWERS OF LOVE – “Music to Open Our Hearts”

Day 2 , January 12, 2020

Enter the Mysteries

Today we dive into the mysteries of our soul with Tricia McCannon and then learn how to let go of past trauma in order to not re-create it as our future with Lisa Sadowski. We complete the day with Sandra Biskind discussing her connection to “The Ancients” and how she became a “Codebreaker” of Quantum entanglement.


12pm-2pm – TRICIA McCANNON – “Origins of the Angelic Soul and other Mysteries”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – LISA SADOWSKI – “Life’s Re-Mission and Greatest Rewards”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – SANDRA BISKIND– “Codes of the Ancients”

Day 3 , January 13, 2020

Awaken the Mystic Wisdom

This day is designed to go deeper with the Angels in order to shift out of our stuck beliefs around them and also to shift into knowing that connecting to them and our divine Source is indeed normal and part of our birthright. It’s also one of our greatest gifts or treasures to be mentored, loved, guided, and seen by them. 


12pm-2pm – ALEXANDRA WENMAN – “Precious Wisdom of Angelic Light”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – KEITH LEON – “How Angels Walk With Us”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – GRACE CAVANAUGH – “Awakening the Mystic”

Day 4 , January 14, 2020

Sovereign Union Within

Day four is dedicated to how we apply our living light vibration to demonstrate practically into our lives. How do we maintain our frequency in relationship with another and hold our interdependence instead of becoming co-dependent? We’ll also explore how to maintain our high exuberance and frequency in a chaotic world and live our highest purpose with joy.


12pm-2pm – TINA MARIE BERTOLI & BILLY JOSEPH ROTTKAMP – “The Sacred Love Codes”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – LIZZIE LOCH – “Creative Self-Empowerment”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – SUNDARI MARCI LOCK – “Unlocking Light, Liberation, and Love”

Day 5, January 15, 2020

Extraordinary Alchemy & Harmony

Today we look at how people become Angels in human form through their extraordinary genius, service, and love. We also look at how we can embody more of our Angelic nature from various “Angel Angles.” Our speakers will share their hearts and minds fully as well as their experiences of embracing and embodying our soul’s true calling to harmonize and love itself even more.


12pm-2pm – SEPH DIETLIN – “The Angelic Hero’s Journey”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – JOHN BURGOS – “Embody the Extraordinary”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – STEPHANIE LODGE – “Harmonic Alignment Light Optimization” Special Presentation

Day 6, January 16, 2020

Abundance of Love is Our Birthright

There is only Abundance as Love. All else is informed by this. Whatever we see in our world, love is the substance that fuels its creation. Yet, why are some so exhausted energetically and repeating patterns of opposite belief? Can we coexist without competition, especially with our beloveds? All of these ideas and more will come into the light today. Get excited!


12pm-2pm – THEO, SHEILA & MARCUS GILLETTE – “Unconditional Love – A Vibrational State of Being”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – HEATHER GRACE & JASON MICHAEL POWERS – “The Alchemical Union of Angelic Flames”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – BARBARA WILDER – “What do Angels have to do with our Abundance?”

Day 7, January 17, 2020

The Power of Feminine Sovereignty

The grace, beauty, and kindness that is present on this Venus day of love is the power of the Angelic integration. When we acknowlege the divinity within, work with our Angels to refine it, and then balance others by our presence, we have become instruments of peace, power, and purpose. The speakers on this day represent all of this and so much more. They are the perfect preparation for our global intention experience the following day.


12pm-2pm – ISABELLE VON FALLOIS – “Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-4pm – KIMBERLY THALKEN – “Loving the Angel Within”

4pm-6pm – Integration Break #2

6pm-8pm – CAMILLE MICHAELS – “Delphi Codes of Divine Mastery “

Day 8, January 18, 2020

Elevate Diamond Earth

This is the culmination of the entire summit… visualizing our new earth elevated into reality through collective conscious intention. This global experience will be co-created between Stephanie Lodge, our host, and the amazing oracle and earth guardian, Sephirah Oracle Starsong. Sephirah will lead us through some leading-edge understanding of cosmic reality and how the Angels fit into the galactic picture. It will be a blend of science, spirit, and high-frequency activations to align us to Gaia’s new template of Diamond Terra.  The day will continue to transform us through a beautiful Q&Angels LIVE with Sephirah answering any questions still on our heart. Plus following her presentation we will integrate all that’s transformed with some amazing music and tones from our Angelic Sound Stream council members, who will raise us to a whole new level of love and more!


12pm-2pm – SEPHIRAH ORACLE STARSONG – “Sacred Visualization of a New World”

2pm-3pm – Integration Break #1

3pm-3:30pm – Angelic Sound Stream MICHEL PASCAL

3:30pm-4pm – Angelic Sound Stream JULIA IZABELA PARTYKA

4pm-4:30pm – Angelic Sound Stream MAYA McCLEAN

4:30pm-5pm – Angelic Sound Stream MONIQUE BENABOU


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